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Rockford Christian School runs a Serve-A-Thon each year. During the event, students collect pledges from family and friends. The pledges go towards the annual fund. It’s a large initiative involving hundreds of students, and thousands of pledges. This year approx. 50 teams of 10-15 students will be involved in the Serve-A-Thon.

Chris Newman, Database Specialist at Rockford Christian School is looking forward to making the collection of those pledges simpler and more complete by using the FundRaiser Donor Portal for donations. “I think it will be easier to get pledges if we can just send people to the website. It’s quicker to pay online. If we have payment online and start promoting it, I think it will give us a higher turn-over on pledge payments and eventually save us money on sending out our billing statements.”

The FundRaiser Donor Portal collects information needed to accept and process pledge payments. Donor and gift information then flows smoothly into the FundRaiser database. 

Chris is currently one of our select group of Beta Testers for the Donor Portal and is excited about using it for her Serve-A-Thon. Visitors to the Rockford Christian website will enjoy the ability to easily create an account, donate or pledge online, and run their own donation reports. Chris and her co-workers will be able to watch the donations come into FundRaiser automatically, already processed and approved, saving hours of data-entry time.

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