Buck Creek Players

Scott Robinson of Buck Creek Players Community Theater is the kind of guy who steps up to the line when asked... then learns as he goes along!

"I recently started using FundRaiser Jr. Our past treasurer used to be in charge of that," but with changes in the company, "I took it on. The program is very user friendly for someone like me who has just jumped into this head first.

"When we had the transition between the ex-treasurer and myself, FundRaiser tech support was extremely helpful. I left a message when I knew they were closed and they called me back first thing in the morning. Everyone has made things a snap."

Easy is good. "We're all volunteer. We don't have an office staff," says Robinson. He, like other members of Buck Creek, is juggling many roles.

Along with the regular business of the play season, Buck Creek Players is also running a two year capital campaign to renovate their theater. They're doing well, with $10,000 just a few months into the drive. "We have FundRaiser set up so that thank-you letters are generated any time we receive sponsorships or donations. It's been wonderful.

"We just raised $1,000 doing a rummage sale. Anybody who wanted to put a price on the things they donated, to write off on their taxes, got a letter generated by FundRaiser.

"Buck Creek is a really nice theater. It's got a nice sense of family to it which is why I like doing things there", says Robinson. FundRaiser fits in well. It's user-friendly, and capable without a lot of fuss.

Buck Creek Players is an all volunteer theater group in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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