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Case Studies
Interested in how real FundRaiser users have been successful combining FundRaiser software with their fundraising efforts? Explore our Case Studies to learn more and perhaps get some inspiration for your own fundraising efforts.

Fundraising Basics
If you are new to the world of fundraising and wonder what professional fundraising is all about, this short article will be quite enlightening.

10 Tips to Building Stronger Animal Guardian Donor Relationships
As most fundraising consultants will tell you, fundraising is all about "friendraising", the practice of building strong relationships with your donors. This is because people give to people (and animals).

Getting Started with Fundraising
Sometimes the hardest part of starting a nonprofit is knowing where to put your fundraising efforts. This short article should give you some good ideas.

The FundRaiser eNewsletter is free and available to anyone interested in basic fundraising guidance and tips on using our software programs, FundRaiser Professional, Select, and Basic.

The newsletter includes tips for all users, specific to your program. If you want easy to understand, highly practical information on fundraising it is a great resource.

Past articles are available in this section. Up until November of 2005 the eNewsletter program section included only technical tips for FundRaiser Basic. Since that date, all three programs are being covered.

The FundClass Archive
These are the archives of 36 past FundClass lessons - they're a very rich source of fundraising information on a broad range of topics.

FundClass was a free email list used for teaching fundraising lessons in an informal online "classroom" in which veteran fundraisers shared their knowledge on a chosen topic with those who were new to fundraising. The List was run by volunteers and sponsored by FundRaiser Software since its first class in 1997 until its last class in 2003.