Offering a membership in your organization to your donors helps you increase loyalty and turn sporadic donors into regular givers. However, management of membership expiration dates, solicitation and renewal letters, and membership benefits adds another level of details that require up to date follow-through. Achieve great results with the FundRaiser Memberships module along to help you.

What you can do with the Memberships Module…

  • Automatically track expiration dates
  • Easily handle membership correspondence including membership renewals, solicitations, and lapsed member letters
  • Personalize your communications so members feel more appreciated
  • Target mailings to segments of your membership to maximize response and minimize your costs
  • Monitor and report on the progress of membership drives and membership level changes as frequently as you want
  • Show appreciation to member solicitors for the specific members they motivated to join

Manage Memberships in FundRaiser

Membership in your organization can increase the loyalty of regular donors by making them feel like part of the team. In addition, regular membership renewals can turn occasional donors into regular givers. However, membership management can be challenging, especially with expiration dates scattered throughout the year, or for organizations with several membership levels and a variety of benefits. To make membership management a powerful way to accomplish your mission, put FundRaiser's Memberships module to work for you.

With the Memberships Module you can…

  • Set membership levels (Corporate, Individual, Family, etc.)
  • Assign benefits to each level
  • Automatically generate and personalize membership letters (solicitations, renewal, thank you, etc.)
  • Create segments of your mailing list from donor membership and giving history
  • Automatically print mailing labels
  • Run comprehensive membership reports

Program Design, Ease of use, Flexibility

Because ease-of-use and a short learning curve are so important to our users, Membership management is integrated throughout FundRaiser. Also, just like our other modules, Memberships features customizable fields to make the module work seamlessly with your established organizational needs. If you are already familiar with the FundRaiser interface, the Memberships module will be a snap to learn. If you're new to FundRaiser we'll get you up to speed fast with our highly acclaimed training.

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