Keeping up with the details and responding in a timely manner to gifts donated in memory or honor of a person or pet can be a real challenge. The FundRaiser Tributes module helps you make sure you don't miss a step.

What you can do with the Tributes Module…

  • Make sure a notification letter goes out to family members of the honoree quickly after a memorial gift is received
  • Publicize your tributes program by easily creating lists of honorees and donors for your newsletter and website
  • Have the information you need for reports with easy-to-run and easy-to-update queries on all tributes or a particular memorial fund
  • Build donor loyalty by being able to separate donors of tribute gifts from your regular donors and send them different mailings

Memorial fundraising is a natural part of the plan if your organization works with dying people or animals. However, it presents particular organizational and communication challenges: several different letters may need to be sent promptly so honorees and family members are notified; and donors are thanked. This makes for satisfied donors, as well as publicizes your program and encourages more tributes. Recording all the necessary details promptly and correctly and making sure that the proper steps are taken with them can be tricky if you don't have the proper tools.

With the Tributes Module you can…

  • easily print notification letters to honorees and family members, specifying the names (and addresses and amounts, if desired) of the donors
  • easily merge a listing of honorees and donors into your newsletter
  • recording tributes is integrated into regular gift entry process, not as a separate process record multiple tributes from a single check
  • track and report on tribute details

Program Design, Ease of use, flexibility

Because ease-of-use and a short learning curve are so important to our users, Tributes management is integrated throughout FundRaiser. If you are already familiar with the FundRaiser interface, Tributes management will be a snap to learn. If you're new to FundRaiser we'll get you up to speed fast with our highly acclaimed training.