What is the FundRaiser Family?

We talk about the FundRaiser Family a lot - on our website, in our marketing materials, and when we're working with our customers. So what exactly is the FundRaiser Family that we keep mentioning? Simply said, the FundRaiser Family is made up of three critical components: Our Customers, Our Team, and Our Products, and we would like to invite you to be a part of it!

The FundRaiser Family Customers

Our Customers

Our customers are an integral part of the FundRaiser Family. More than 5,000 nonprofits from all over the world, most of whom are small and mid-sized organizations, use our software to help expand their mission. Our customers include all kinds of organizations, from animal rights groups, to healthcare organizations, to those advocating social justice, to ministries and churches, to schools, to nonprofit radio and television stations. We work very hard to encourage the success of our customers by providing nothing short of excellence in both our product and our service. When you purchase our software, you become a part of the FundRaiser Family.

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The FundRaiser Family Team

Our Team

The people behind FundRaiser Software are also part of the FundRaiser Family. Our team is made up of people who come to work every day with the belief that we are working to make the world a better place through you. We make it our mission to help you achieve yours - whether that means helping you identify additional development opportunities by examining your giving data, or helping you send out your year-end thank-you letters, we will always be right beside you helping you do your job. The FundRaiser Team may be a small one, but we come to work every single day for the same reason that you do - to make the world a better place.

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The FundRaiser Family Products

Our Products

The FundRaiser Family also consists of our suite of donor management products: FundRaiser Spark, FundRaiser Select, and FundRaiser Professional. Since its release way back in 1983, the software has been evolving and improving into highly effective development tools. Whether you need an entry-level option for managing donors and members (FundRaiser Spark), something a little more powerful with add-on options for expansion (FundRaiser Select), or a flagship product with all the bells & whistles (FundRaiser Professional), the changes are very good that one of our solutions will be the right fit for you. Best of all, our FundRaiser Team will start working with you right away to learn all about you organization and your goals for new donor management software, and we will help you identify which of our three products will be the perfect fit for your organization. With multiple installation options (online or local), and very flexible payment terms, we think that you'll love being a part of the FundRaiser Family!

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