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Using FundRaiser for Advocacy and Social Justice

Organizations focusing on advocacy issues and social justice face the unique challenge of spreading the word about the mission, and knowing exactly who to reach out to for support. Once a relationship with a supporter is established, that relationship must be maintained and nourished, or the supporter may forget or lose interest in your mission. This, combined with staff and volunteer turnover, can be challenging, and it necessitates excellent record-keeping and relationship management within your organization.

You need a very intuitive and powerful database to help maintain every piece of critical information about your constituents, supporters, contacts, donors, volunteers, members. FundRaiser is built to do this for you; powerful software, with unrivaled flexibility in customization, coding, and reporting, it will give you that critical 360-degree view of all of your different contacts.

When I go to a conference, and someone says ‘I’ve been a long time supporter of you’, I need to be able to easily see their complete profile in my database, what their giving history is and what their role is. I also meet many people who aren't yet in my database. When I go to my room and look up that person and they are not there, then I put them in the database and go back and talk to them about becoming a supporter” -Ricci L, Woodhull Alliance for Sexual Freedom

Use FundRaiser in your organization to:

  • See a complete, customizable, profile of every contact in your database
  • Control what information and appeals you send to who, so that your messages are always highly personalized, and on target
  • Track Tribute and Memorial gifts easily, and send thank-you and recognition letters to the proper parties
  • Maintain the anonymity of your donors, supporters, and volunteers, if desired
  • Easily manage Membership information, including membership levels and benefits, expiration and renewal dates, and renewal rates
  • Maintain a complex network of Volunteers, easily scheduling based on skills, interests, schedules, and more
  • Create customized online forms for Volunteer Registration, Donations, and Event Registrations

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