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For Small or New Organizations

FundRaiser Spark for Small and New Organizations

Start Something Big

A strong starting point for small or growing organizations, FundRaiser Spark is a perfectly intuitive donor management package that includes all the basic functionality you will need for tracking and corresponding with your donors, donations, and members.

FundRaiser Spark is available Installed or Online

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  • Contact & Donor Management

    Contact & Donor Management Easily track your donors, prospects, and contacts in a single set of intuitive screens.
    • Store and manage an unlimited number of records
    • Keep information at your fingertips with extensive donor fields for contact information, contact preferences, codes and notes.
    • Add up to three user-definable fields that you configure as you desire
    • Search and sort quickly and easily
    • Use advanced locating options to find desired records
    • Alert other staff members to important details with pop-up “Sticky Notes”
    • Control access to specific features with complete password protection
  • Gift Management

    Gift Management
    Monitor donations and track the effectiveness of your campaigns, events and appeals through use of gift codes.
    • Store unlimited donations and notes
    • Apply up to 4 codes per gift: Mode, Motivation, Purpose, and Fund
    • Automatically generate customized thank-you letters (or receipts) from templates that you design or modify
    • Instantly see totals for each event or campaign via code-based reports
    • Conduct extensive reporting on donation demographics
  • Membership Management

    Membership Management
    Easily manage Memberships, particularly those with expiration dates scattered throughout the year.
    • Offer Membership benefits and easily track multiple Membership Levels
    • Membership reports make sending renewal letters a breeze
    • Special Print options for easily printing membership labels for newsletters and other membership mailings
    • Built-in Status report, Statistical report, and 4-year Comparison report
    • Simple interface for monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of Membership Drives and Membership Level changes
  • Word Processing & Email

    Word Processing & Email
    Built-in email and word processing systems make it easy to manage and record all donor correspondence from within FundRaiser Spark.
    • Print and email letters in the same operation
    • Incorporate merged data into both printed letters and emails
    • Eliminate bad email addresses with automatic bounceback processing
    • Choose from a variety of customized letter templates
    • Merge any field or common summarized information into your correspondence
    • Preview the effects of your changes as you edit your templates
    • Print all donor correspondence with one-touch batch printing
  • Groupings

    Segment donors using Groupings for targeted mailings. Also useful for reports, and for viewing, editing or exporting select portions of your donor list.
    • Simplify complex queries with form-based criteria – no knowledge of SQL language needed
    • Define criteria based on virtually any data
    • Use And/Or/Not combinations of criteria to include or exclude data
    • Save, mark, update, delete, or archive Groupings
  • Reports

    Generate a full range of analytical reports to easily see your new donors, new members, or new accounts. Can also be exported to Microsoft® Excel, HTML, RTF (Rich Text Format) and other popular formats.
    • Multiple donation and donor reports
    • Analysis reports
    • Membership reports
    • Correspondence reports
    • Solicitation and appeals reports
  • Merge, Import & Backup

    Easily merge information into Spark in the following scenarios:
    • Merge updated data back into FundRaiser following mailing house or other processing
    • Integrate with 3rd party software for one-click standardization and verification (CASS Certification) of your addresses for maximum USPS discounts
    • Special streamlined interface for USPS National Change Of Address (NCOA) processors
    Import data seamlessly with powerful built-in import tools.
    • Import your current database, as well as data you receive from others. (We also have data conversion specialists who handle complex and unusual data. Ask your salesperson for details.)
    • Import donor demographics like names, addresses, phone numbers and notes from other programs, including Microsoft® Excel and Access
    • Import data with ease from FundRaiser Basic
    Insure that your data is always safe with automatic backup.
    • Note that automatic backups are included with Online and Hosted versions
    • Schedule backup for a pre-set time every day
    • Specify location for storage of the backup
    • Restore to any FundRaiser installation
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Spark Something Big!

FundRaiser Spark is both powerful and affordable, and will continue to grow and evolve with the nonprofit community. We actively seek feedback and suggestions from our customers, allowing us to continue to meet your needs as the fundraising profession evolves. And when we add new features for Spark, you get them for free with your Annual Maintenance Plan! You can feel assured that FundRaiser Spark is the perfect place for you to spark big change in your organization.

Spark Options

FundRaiser Spark is designed to be friendly, functional and flexible from Day 1, and, therefore, includes only two options: the installation style and the Donor Portal.

  • Installation Options: – FundRaiser Spark is available with a single user license. This means that Spark can be accessed by one user at a time in any installation environment. You can; however, give as many users as you like access to the software, but only one may log in at a time.
    • Spark Online or Hosted: Spark Online is our online option featuring a very low start-up cost and low monthly rate. Spark Hosted gives you the freedom of owning the software and paying a lower monthly fee for us to host it for you, so that you have online access, but could easily install it locally if desired.
    • Spark Installed: Spark is also available for local installation. You purchase the license and install Spark on your own server or computer and access it locally.
  • The Donor Portal is available to customers who choose FundRaiser Spark Online or Hosted. The Donor Portal works seamlessly with your website and credit card processor to bring online donations into the software automatically.
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"As a FundRaiser Select user, I can't say enough good things about it. The programs are great, the tech support even better." -- Sandy S., Durham County Library, Durham NC

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With FundRaiser Spark comes the benefit of unrivaled support and customer service. We want to make sure that you start out on the right foot, so we include a complimentary 90 day support and training period with the purchase of FundRaiser Spark. If you have a question, give us a call – our friendly technical support staff is available every business day to help you.

Built-in Growth Path

FundRaiser Spark is a perfect product for your small and growing organization, but what happens when you begin to outgrow it? That's where our Integrated growth path comes in: you can easily move up to the next level and start taking advantage of more features and additional users immediately without losing a dime. FundRaiser Spark is the perfect place to begin taking your donor and donation management to the next level!

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