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FundRaiser Software offers 3 powerful programs designed to fit any budget and any installation requirements

Meet the FundRaiser Family, a suite of three intuitive donor and donation management programs. Each is designed to be user friendly and functional, while remaining easy on the budget, and each of the three options is available online or installed, for the ultimate in flexibility. Please explore the products below and be sure to check out our Comparison Chart for a detailed look at each option.

FundRaiser Spark

Perfect for Small & New Organizations

Spark something big.

FundRaiser Spark is an intuitive package specifically designed to manage donors and track memberships for small and growing organizations. Although the software is considered entry-level, it contains everything that a small organization needs to establish and nurture strong donor relationships. Featuring a built-in growth path to other FundRaiser products, the software is ready to grow with you.

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FundRaiser Select

Scaled for Mid-sized & Growing Organizations

Select exactly what features you need now.

FundRaiser Select is designed with flexibility in mind. Select is a powerful core package with a full set of optional modules to expand it into membership management, online donations, volunteer management, pledges management, and more. Start with the perfect solution for your needs right now, and rest easy knowing that Select is the perfect fit today - and tomorrow.

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FundRaiser Professional

For Large & Rapidly-Growing Organizations

When only the best will do.

FundRaiser Professional is our all-inclusive option, with all FundRaiser features built right in. Professional contains an impressive array of exclusive features like campaign management, relationship management, and secure data fields, to name a few. With new features consistently being developed and added to Professional, even our top-level software will continue to expand with you.

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Online, Hosted, or Installed Donor Management Software

FundRaiser is designed to fit your needs perfectly; each of our three software packages include a unique set of features and functions designed to support all of your development goals, and they can each be installed in a variety of environments to fit your deployment and access needs, as well:

   FundRaiser Installed: If you wish to install and maintain the software locally on your own equipment, you can purchase the software license and manage the maintenance and networking with the assistance of our unrivaled Customer Support Team.
   FundRaiser Online: For convenient online access and Mac-compatibility, combined with low start-up costs, the online version is the way to go. Lighten the IT load on your organization with automatic software updates and regularly-scheduled automatic backups.
   FundRaiser Hosted: A hybrid of the installed and online options, the hosted version allows you to purchase the software license and pay FundRaiser a low monthly to host it online for you. You get the best of both worlds: you own the software and can take it back offline at any time, but you get the ease of online access, Mac-compatibility, and reduced IT load on your organization.

Growing with FundRaiser is designed to be easy

We believe that using any of our FundRaiser programs will help you raise more money for your organization and streamline your fundraising efforts. This success may cause growth within your organization, and, as your organization grows and your needs evolve, you will start to need more out of your donor management software.

We believe that your fundraising software should grow with you, so we have designed FundRaiser to do just that.

As you begin to need more functionality from your software, you have a few options:

  • If you need online access, you can upgrade to our Hosted platform easily, while retaining ownership of your software license.
  • If you have FundRaiser Spark, you can upgrade to either FundRaiser Select or FundRaiser Professional with ease; all of your data transfers seamlessly, you receive full credit for your previous purchase, and the interface is familiar so there is a minimal learning curve.
  • If you have FundRaiser Select, you can either add modules to Select to enhance its functionality, or you can upgrade to FundRaiser Professional and experience the same familiar interface that you have become comfortable with, while taking advantage of all of Professional's advanced features.
  • If you have FundRaiser Professional, well, you've already started at the top, but there are still a couple options: you can add users, add the Donor Portal, or even upgrade to the Hosted version. If you keep your maintenance plan current, you'll also receive all the updates and new features for Professional for free!

The growth path has been designed to make the process easy and fast -- all the FundRaiser programs have the same look and feel, so you'll be right at home immediately. Every bit of your data your data converts seamlessly from one program to the next.

Perhaps the best part of moving up within the FundRaiser Family is that you won't lose any money. Our policy is that every penny you've paid toward purchasing the license for any of the FundRaiser programs counts toward the purchase of any of the programs higher up the ladder. In addition, all of our programs come with a 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

So, no matter where you start or where you finish, you can't lose with FundRaiser Software.


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"As grassroots organizers, I believe we are only as good as our lists. This software has really made a difference in our ability to keep track of people for all purposes, not just fundraising." -- Eliza, Montana NARAL

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