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We believe that supporting our nonprofit customers through excellence in software and service is part of our contribution to a better world.

Meet the FundRaiser Software Team

It has always been my belief that prompt, friendly, and expert technical support is vital to the users of any software. It was my intention from the beginning to supply just that to my clients. When I retired from the position of CEO, one of my main objectives in choosing new leadership was to make sure that this continued. According to FundRaiser users, we have been successful in that endeavor.

Gene Weinbeck, Founder

We are proud of our service-oriented, professional staff. We are more than co-workers. There are ties of family and friendship between most of us, making for a strong sense of commitment and a happy working environment. Our ties carry over into our sense of serving you as we would want to serve our extended family of friends.

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Autumn Shirley

Autumn Shirley

CEO, Marketing & Sales Lead, Feather Un-Ruffler

My training and work background has been in sales and communication. I graduated from MSU-West Plains in 1999 with a degree emphasis in journalism and communications. I went on to work in sales with a yellow pages firm which involved a great deal of travel. Wishing to settle down with my daughter, Lily, I joined the FundRaiser team in 2001. I knew right away that I had found my career passion - at FundRaiser, I could come to work every day knowing that, no matter what I dealt with, the people were totally amazing - both our customers, and my co-workers! The road is long and winding, but eventually my husband and I agreed to purchase the business from Gene in 2010, and the rest is yet to be written. Both Joshua and I have a passion for working with nonprofits, and are involved in several of our local nonprofit organizations outside of work, including our local library, as well as our small business incubator, where Joshua and I volunteer our mentoring services to new businesses and nonprofits. We also seem to be running our own little zoo at home, where the humans are greatly outnumbered by cats, dogs, bunnies, fish, and various rescue animals...

Joshua Shirley

Joshua Shirley

CFO, Product Vision Lead, Ultimate Fixer

I came to FundRaiser with an extensive accounting background and knowledge of computer hardware and software issues, which I first put to use at the Presbyterian Church in Harrison, AR. I moved to Missouri when Autumn and I were married, and initially joined the FundRaiser team to help with website maintenance and development, then accepted a temporary bookkeeping position. When Autumn and I purchased FundRaiser, I became the CFO, and also stepped in to handle high-level tech support issues when our support staff needs a break, and take on the roll of product development and strategy. I very much enjoy working with our customers, and am honored to have been given the opportunity to direct the company to a promising future. In my (rare) free time, I like to just drive and find something new I haven't noticed before, and enjoy learning about new things and how things work, and passing that along to my son, Isaac. I also serve on the board of our Downtown Association, and volunteer my time to mentor new businesses and organizations through our business incubator, and help organize our city-wide heritage festival. All in all - life, no matter how things go, is fun to experience.

Sasha Daucus

Sasha Daucus

Social Media Director, Newsletter Wizard

Before coming to FundRaiser, I learned marketing through running my own small business. Together, my partner and I provided midwifery services to families around the Ozarks, and then established a general health care practice in two small Ozark towns. I've enjoyed transferring those marketing skills to online marketing for FundRaiser. In particular, I enjoy editing the customer newsletter and participating in online nonprofit technology forums. I like being involved in a company which is helping others improve the world. I believe that working in a great working environment helping organizations who want to create a better world is a wonderful gift. Outside of work, I enjoy working on a variety of personal and community projects with friends. I love my dog and three cats, and maintaining the beautiful piece of Ozark woodlands where I live. I meditate and find the study and practice of Western style Buddhism enriching. I volunteer extensively for the Ozarks Media Arts Center, and for the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. Through my work at FundRaiser, I volunteer as forum host and facilitator for TechSoup, the nonprofit technology site.

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith

Customer Support, Developer In-Training, Resident Yoda

My training and background is in internet technology and computer engineering. I worked in IT at a large phone company in Little Rock, Arkansas. I moved to the West Plains area to be closer to family several years ago. In West Plains, I worked as a computer instructor for Missouri State University, where I heard about a small software company that has been around for many years, and became interested in working there. In 2011, several years after hearing about FundRaiser, I was very pleased to become a part of the technical support team. I enjoy working here, and I feel that there’s nothing nicer than coming in every day to serve people who are deep-down wonderful. My three main hobbies are hiking, playing chess, and building guitar amplifiers.

Mary Lenker

Mary Lenker

Lead Trainer, Customer Support, Grammar Wizard

Before coming to FundRaiser, I worked for many years at Wells Fargo, in both customer service and technical support. I have also worked with nonprofit organizations; for a while back in the 90’s, I worked with our local cage bird club to do rescue for aviary birds like finches and canaries. Eventually we educated those in the area about the smaller birds and the local club was able to pick up the work of finding new homes for any birds in need. Outside work I enjoy the outdoors. I moved to the West Plains area with my husband to have more opportunity to homestead, and we already have horses and chickens. I also enjoy hiking, photography, reading and writing. I like working at FundRaiser because it allows me to do the technical work that I enjoy, including walking people through the steps they need in the software. I enjoy the customer service atmosphere at FundRaiser and helping nonprofit organizations. I believe that when we join together to do good in our own ways that there’s no limit to what we can achieve, which makes my work at FundRaiser that much more special because I love helping so many organizations reach their goals.

Gene Weinbeck

Gene Weinbeck

Founder, Lead Programmer, Mentor - Retired

I started this business in the early 1980's. When it comes to qualifications for the job, I have none whatsoever. I'm lucky to be working here at all. I enjoy working at FundRaiser because my friends at FundRaiser allow me to be myself and encourage me to grow, sometimes in unforeseen and unexpected ways. It's fun working here - I believe that spending all day in a place where people smile and laugh and feel good about themselves is a blessing that ripples across the world. Outside of work I enjoy gardening, drumming, friends, firewalking, dressing up in costume, and having opportunities to be useful. I've been active in several local nonprofits and am currently on the board of Downtown West Plains, Inc (a downtown revitalization nonprofit), and the Ozarks Small Business Incubator.

Larry Weaver

In Remembrance of Larry Weaver (1946 - 2016)

Previously: Training Lead, Vocal Extraordinaire

It is with great sadness that we report the death on January 13, 2016 of Larry Weaver, long-time employee and friend at Fundraiser. Many of you have have “known” Larry for years, as he helped all of our FundRaiser users in his roles as Technical Support expert, and in later years, the “star” of our Training videos and live classes. Larry was the first employee hired by founder Gene Weinbeck, and remained, through the ups and downs of the company and his own move from Missouri to Arizona, a staunch friend and supporter of FundRaiser’s mission.

Larry was 69, and had been retired for just a year when he died of cancer, less than a month after the death of his wife, Nanette. Larry will be remembered as a valuable member of the FundRaiser team, a wonderful friend, and a talented and creative person.



New Chief Morale Officer

Foxy was found by Autumn Shirley in a parking lot. She had been dumped along with her day-old littermates on a cold, rainy morning, but, fortunately, they were found quickly. The Shirleys immediately took all of the kittens in and proceeded to bottle feed them every hour for two weeks. Needless to say, there was not much sleep in the household during this time... fortunately, the kittens grew and thrived and good homes were found for all of them. Foxy decided she would like to become the new Chief Morale Officer here at FundRaiser when Smudge retired, so she spends her day napping and playing with the many dozens of mice that Smudge left for her... but mostly napping. She says she'll start working on that Morale thing any day now.



Chief Morale Officer, Conqueror of Mice - Retired

Smudge was found by Lily (our Social Media Intern, and daughter of Autumn and Joshua) at the high school tennis courts. She was very tiny and hungry, so the Shirleys brought her home, and helped nurse her back to good health. They then tried to find her a good home, knowing that it would be very difficult to part with her after bonding so strongly. Fortunately, after weeks of trying to find a new home for her, Gene Weinbeck, founder of FundRaiser Software, adopted her, and so she became the Chief Morale Officer here at FundRaiser. Smudge spent a few years roaming around the office, visiting all the employees, and terrorizing Gene. She eventually decided that she would rather be outside and lives in the countryside with Gene. She often visits the office and never ceases to bring a smile to each and every person she runs into, hence her title. She has been a large part of the FundRaiser team, paving the way very nicely for our next CMO, Foxy.

PHW Award logo FundRaiser Software is the first recipient of the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award in 2008.

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