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Using FundRaiser in your Education-based Organization

Building lasting relationships with alumni and families is critical to nonprofit schools, and to colleges. You need to be able to track all of your supporters, and their relationships with your organization, as well as their relationships with with each other. It is also important to see detailed information about each person in your database: did they attend your institution? What was their area of study? Where are they now? Do they have family who are also attending, or have graduated? Did they have a sponsor that helped pay their tuition? All of this information is critical to maintain your relationship with each individual, yet it can be difficult to track everything in one system.

Enter FundRaiser Software. Our systems are designed to be endlessly flexible and customizable, allowing you to effectively track every piece of important information. But you need a system that also makes it easy for you to use this information to build and maintain strong relationships with your supporters. With powerful reporting options, built-in word processing, relationship management, and households, FundRaiser is designed to help you use every advantage to nourish these important relationships.

What we have seen since we started using FundRaiser is that we are able to stay more current than we were in the past, and our membership base has grown. We also work with the alumni association and track alumni data for them. Representatives of specific graduating classes, who want to hold reunions and other events come to us for data. The more we can refine the data, the more they come to us and are motivated to donate.” - Ann P, Mariemont School Foundation


Use FundRaiser to help your organization:

  • Track all of your contacts, including students, families, alumni, donors, event attendees, and more
  • See a 360-degree view of each and every person in your database; who they are, who they are related to, how they are affiliated with your organization, when they graduated... every piece of critical information can (and should) be recorded in FundRaiser
  • Easily create, manage, and track complex events & campaigns
  • Offer powerful online event registration
  • Create seamlessly-integrated online donation forms that allow your supporters to donate, and to manage their own contact information
  • Track Households, Memberships, Relationships and more

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