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We believe that supporting our nonprofit customers through excellence in software and service is part of our contribution to a better world.

Using FundRaiser Software in your Humanitarian or Human Services Organization

Red Cross chapters, food banks, disaster relief agencies, homeless shelters... we rely on these organizations in times of great need. This work is even more critical in times of global economic instability; yet donations tend to decrease as supporters feel the pressure of increasing costs and job losses. This puts enormous pressure on your organization to manage your donors and supporters well. Do you know who they are, what issue they respond to, how much have they donated in the past, what is their potential for greater donations, who they know that might also support your organization...? If the answer to any of those questions is "I'm not sure", then you need a better system for donor management.

FundRaiser Software can help with all of this. Since 1983, we have worked with nonprofits to develop a complete donor and relationship management system. Flexibility and customization are hallmarks of our software. Having said that, the most powerful software in the world is virtually useless if it isn't backed by strong customer service, and ours is unrivaled. You focus on building relationships and gathering information, we'll focus on making sure your software works for you, so that you can use that information to achieve your mission!

By using FundRaiser to track and monitor our donors and their giving history and patterns, we have managed to keep donations steady in spite of the economy” - Cretia B, United Way of Moscow/Latah County

Let FundRaiser Software help your organization

  • See a complete view of your database: who your biggest donors are, who donated last year but not this year, who your most consistent supporters are, who responds to what issue...
  • Easily manage complex events and campaigns, raising more money than ever
  • Set up special, unique online fundraising pages to attract supporters based on the issue
  • Attract new volunteers with online volunteer registration
  • Schedule and track those volunteers based on their skills, schedules, interests, and more withVolunteer Management

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