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Using FundRaiser in your Public Radio or TV Nonprofit

This year, we finished entering donation details in FundRaiser half an hour after our major fundraising drive was over. With the previous software, a volunteer was still entering donations days after the Shar-a-thon was over. FundRaiser saved us a lot of time and worked well."
--Calvin Bader, WJIE Radio

With solutions designed specifically for community-supported broadcasting nonprofits, like public radio and TV stations, our software is an excellent fit for you. Working in organizations of this type means that you have a lot on your hands; keeping track of donors, members, supporters, volunteers, and detailed campaigns is a big job. FundRaiser Software is designed to make this process easy and manageable. With powerful features developed just for organizations like yours, such as a powerful Phonathon tracking system for both your on-air personality and your phone volunteers to use, and detailed tracking for Premiums, including inventory and invoices, FundRaiser can manage all of these details for you. With FundRaiser Software, you can stop pulling your hair out and worrying that information is slipping through the cracks, and start focusing on raising more money for your organization.

Start using FundRaiser today to help you:

We moved into the full Professional Online version recently which now gives us everything. That has made us so much more streamlined. The additional features have been a tremendous blessing, more that we expected. Each time we have upgraded, this has been the case. The things we thought we were buying the upgrade for were always there, and then something more that we needed but hadn’t been the specific reason that we were upgrading - Caleb W, CrossTalk Ministry

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