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Donor Portal: Seamlessly Integrate Online Donations with FundRaiser

Donor Portal for Online Donations

Create a connection between your website and your donor management software

Are you looking for a way to have information like online donations or volunteer registrations stream directly into FundRaiser? The FundRaiser Donor Portal is the solution. The Donor Portal offers a seamless, secure connection between FundRaiser and your website. Data is transferred in real-time using state-of-the-art security measures so you can rest comfortably knowing that sensitive donor information will remain private. Whether you have FundRaiser installed on your own server, or we host it on our secure servers, the Donor Portal can seamlessly integrate to eliminate double-entry and make your life easier!

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  • For Online Donations
  • For Volunteer Registrations
  • For 3rd Party Integration

Online Donations

Donating online is the method of choice for many of today's donors. Nothing could be easier than simply clicking the "Donate Now" button and following the prompts. The Donor Portal seamlessly integrates with your credit card processor and payment gateway to accept online donations and have them automatically appear in FundRaiser - no manual entry required.

Recurring Donations

Offer your donors the option of setting up a recurring donation on your website. They can choose the amount, the day of the month to process it, the processing schedule (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc), and even the end date. The donation and all of its details will come into FundRaiser automatically, and the recurring donation will be completely set up. FundRaiser will then push the information to your credit card processor to process the donation automatically on the preferred date and schedule - no more manual processing or manual entry.

Account Management

In addition to just donating, you can also offer your donors and visitors the option of creating their own Donor Portal account. Doing so will allow them to:

  • Update their contact information
  • Change salutation preferences
  • Make a one-time donation or schedule a Recurring Donation
  • Create reports to view past giving history
  • Donate to a specific Fund or Purpose
  • Print their own tax receipts

Seamless 2-way Integration with FundRaiser:

The Donor Portal is easy to set up and seamlessly transfers all online information direclty into your FundRaiser database. You decide what information you want to capture, and where you want it to go, and FundRaiser does the rest in one easy step. Perhaps best of all, the Donor Portal can also be updated from inside of FundRaiser, giving you unparalleled control over your web pages. Don't wait for your webmaster to update your pages for you, take matters into your own hands with the Portal; there has never been a closer integration between online donations from your website and your donor management software!

View Donor Portal Edit screen View Donor Portal Review window

Want to see how it might look to your donors?

Click Here to view a demonstration page for the Donor Portal. This is a secure page connected to a copy of FundRaiser that we maintain, so you can donate, create an account, even sign up to volunteer. To donate, use credit card number 54545454... to test the donate feature.

View credit card example

The FundRaiser Donor Portal is an easy, cost-effective way to harness the power of the internet to build stronger relationships with your donors, while saving countless hours of data-entry time. It's time to bridge the divide between your online donor community and your donor management software with the Donor Portal.

Security and Encryption Policy

Volunteer Portal

Free your Volunteer Coordinator from time-consuming data entry with FundRaiser's Volunteer Portal, a seamless extension for the Donor Portal. Volunteers can sign up online to volunteer their time and, if they create an account, they can also:

  • Set their times of availability
  • Define their interests and skills
  • List tools that they have available
  • Tell you what type of activities they are most interested in

Seamless 2-way Integration with FundRaiser:

Like the Donor Portal, the Volunteer Portal updates FundRaiser in real-time, eliminating the need to import or re-enter information about your new volunteers. You can also make changes directly to your Volunteer Portal through FundRaiser, eliminating the need to wait for a web developer to update your page for you.

Want to see how it might look to your volunteers?

Click Here to view a demonstration page for the Volunteer Portal. This is a secure page connected to a copy of FundRaiser that we maintain, so you register to volunteer, create an account, and see all the options available for specifying skills, availability, interests, and more.

View Volunteer Portal View Account Creation option

View skills and interests form

API Integration

Our Donor Portal can also function behind the scenes as an API to bring data in from custom applications or third-party applications. We are always open to exploring new partnership opportunities with companies who offer complimentary services, such as online event registration, crowd fundraising, and more. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are currently working with a company that you would love to see integrate with FundRaiser!

GiftTool Integration Extension

This Extension is a great example of our API Integrations: it brings the powerful web-based services offered by GiftTool to FundRaiser a tight integration. GiftTool offers a variety of online options for the nonprofit community, including:

  • Online Event Registrations - Whether you are expecting 50 or 5,000 participants, online registration is a snap
  • Pledge-a-Thons - Let your donors fundraise for you! With peer-to-peer fundraising, you can raise 2 to 3 times more money
  • Membership Renewals - Give your members complete online control over their membership status, and sleep well knowing that FundRaiser will keep track of everything they do
  • Shopping Carts - Integrate your online shopping cart with FundRaiser, so you can easily see what your donors are purchasing from you

All of this can now be streamed right into FundRaiser using the GiftTool Integration Extension with the Donor Portal!

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