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Data Conversion

FundRaiser Data Conversions

Converting data from one FundRaiser program to another is a simple process, but what about bringing data in from another program?

All FundRaiser programs have very sophisticated facilities for importing your existing data. They can import mailing list data (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.), notes, codes, membership data, and some limited giving history. This facility is built right into the programs, so that you can do the actual importing yourself, if you desire. However, the process can be a bit tricky, especially if you're not experienced with computers, so we fully expect that you'll ask us for help with this process, and our Technical Support staff is ready to assist you.

Sometime the built-in import tools aren't quite enough, and there are situations when it may be better for you to hire us to convert your data for you. This would be true if you also want to convert a list of contributions (the giving history, which can be imported only partially via the FundRaiser programs' importing facility), have data which must be manipulated or translated before it can be imported, record pledge history or detailed membership history, have data recorded in an unusual format, or any of a number of other conditions. Data conversion costs depend on the program you want to import from and the data that is included. Check with sales for specific prices.

We'll be happy to provide you with a firm price quote on conversion - just give us a call. Data conversion fees can be included in your Interest-Free Installment Plan for FundRaiser Select or Professional.

Here are the steps involved in our performing the data conversion for you:

  • Give us a call. We'll talk about what type of program your data is in now, and identify the files that need to be sent to us.
  • You send us a copy of your data. (Of course, we guarantee its confidentiality while it's in our hands.) You continue to use your existing program while we work out the details of the data conversion.
  • We analyze the data, talk to you about how some ambiguous items are used, which items are unimportant, what special processing will be needed, etc.
  • We prepare a quote that includes what information will and will not be converted. To this point, there is no cost to you.
  • You decide if you want us to do the data conversion. If you do, then you give us the go-ahead.
  • We write the conversion program, and test it with the data you have previously sent us.
  • Meanwhile, you play with your FundRaiser program, take some online training, and slowly get up to speed so that you're ready to go when your data is ready.
  • We send you a series of trial conversions that you restore and view in the FundRaiser program that you are purchasing.
  • You review the trial conversions. If there are any problems, we make the needed corrections.
  • You stop using your old program, and send the current data to us.
  • We immediately run the final conversion process and send the data back to you. As a result, your operations are interrupted for only a day or two.

If you can not afford the cost of data conversion, we can recommend four other options:

  • Remember that we do offer no-interest monthly payment plans that can include the cost of data conversion.
  • Import what you can using the import facilities built into FundRaiser. They're really quite impressive, and you should be able to import everything except detailed financial information. Then call in volunteers to gradually add the past giving history through FundRaiser. This enables you to start processing new donations right away, and will gradually give you the archival data that is so important for reporting and query purposes.
  • Give each of your volunteers a copy of FundRaiser Basic (there is no extra cost to you for this), and a portion of your list, and ask them to enter the data onto their computer for you. When they are done, they create a backup, which you then import into whichever level of FundRaiser you are using.
  • If you have access to a database professional, one who is familiar with database tables, and has experience manipulating them, then that person can do the data conversion for you instead of us. Our programmers will be glad to provide a reasonable amount of guidance to that person at no additional charge. We cannot be responsible for the accuracy of someone else's conversion, so be sure that this person is qualified!

Whichever approach you take, we will be right beside you to provide whatever guidance you need. Just ask.

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