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Onsite Training by FundRaiser Software

Move your new software implementation to the Fast Track

If you are new to FundRaiser Software, and want to make sure that your implementation process goes quickly and smoothly, there is no better way to ensure that than onsite training. You will receive the exclusive benefit of being assigned to one of our Training Experts, who will work with you to determine the best training plan for your needs. They will help you determine the set-up process for your new software, discuss your needs and goals for the software, and develop a custom training plan just for you. After the training session, you will have the tools and confidence you need to hit the ground running with your new software!

Quickly get new staff members or volunteers up to speed with FundRaiser

If you, like many nonprofit organizations, have experienced staff turnover, and are in the unfortunate position of not having anyone on staff who knows FundRaiser inside and out, then you need onsite training, and fast! One of our Training Experts will come to your workplace and train your entire staff quickly and efficiently. They can also work with you to develop documentation for data entry defaults and best practice so that you do not find yourself in this position again. After your training session, your staff will have all the tools they need to fully engage with Select or Professional. 

Propel yourself and your staff to become Expert FundRaiser Users with advanced training

If you and your development staff have reached hte point where you know your way around FundRaiser, and are ready to become "power users", a couple of days of advanced training will do the trick. Our Training Expert will guide you through the intricacies of Relationships and Households, explain how to use SQL scripts to extract very specific bits of information, walk you throug the process of setting up a new Campaign and tracking your goals and progress, teach you the keyboard shortcuts, explore the Gift and Donor Attributes and explain how they can help define your data even further... Or, choose your own topics and priorities and we will customize the session to your exact specifications. If you're ready to become an FundRaiser Power User, this is the training session for you. 

Develop procedures and policies for consistent data entry

If you have several people entering data in your office, or if you have inherited your database from someone else, then you know how difficult it is to maintain data integrity with several "fingers in the pot". It can also be difficult to maintain a consistent database if you don't start off with procedures for data-entry defaults right from the beginning. Either way, one of our Training Experts will talk with you about how you wish to be able to use and track your data (reports, groupings, mailings, etc), and will help develop customized materials for your organization with a complete understanding of your unique needs. 

If any of the above situations apply to you, consider onsite training for your development staff. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your customized onsite training experience. More and more organizations are turning to onsite training to get started quickly. Prior to arrival, we will make arrangements for a conference call between you and your trainer to discuss your needs for the training session.


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