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Using FundRaiser Software in your Healthcare Organization

Organizations that provide health services often have unique donor and client management needs. Health services are critical, and, in the current economic environment, they are also needed more than ever. Unfortunately, reduced state and federal funding, combined with high job loss, means that you need to be able to serve more people on a smaller budget. As organizations nation-wide begin to depend more on individual donors, and less on government funding, donor relationship management has never been more critical.

Your donor management software needs to be able to keep secure, comprehensive records of everyone who has ever had any kind of contact with your organization: donors, supporters, event attendees, patients or recipients of your services, families, etc. Everything needs to be organized in an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to access this information and use it to create very targeted, highly-personalized development messages. Whether you are managing special events, appeal letters, workshops or retreats, you need to be able to feel completely confident that the right messages are getting to the right people. FundRaiser Software was built for this; highly customizable, user-friendly with a minimal learning curve, powerful, expandable, and intuitive, you can trust that your valuable donor and client information is in the right place.

FundRaiser enables you to track most anything that you need to track. All aspects of fundraising from participants and responses and sponsorships... It is a very valuable tool for us.” - Regina S, Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services

Let FundRaiser help your organization:

  • Easily see a 360-degree view of your contacts: who they are, their complete history with your organization, how they connected with you, who they know... everything is available at your fingertips
  • Keep sensitive medical information secure and private, available only to those with special access, using Secure Spares
  • Manage and execute simple or complex events using the Campaign Management Console to track invitees, attendance, sponsorships, registrations, and more.
  • Create and manage beautiful online donation pages, and have everything flow seamlessly into FundRaiser; no manual entry
  • Offer custom online event registrations, with all information flowing into FundRaiser in real-time

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