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Making Phonathons Work for You

This free program was written with the needs of community-supported radio and TV stations in mind.

FundRaiser Phonathon is used to display the current phonathon totals in big bold numbers on the screen to make it easy for the announcer to read from. Totals are shown for the entire period, today, yesterday, this hour and last hour. Additional sub-totals can be shown for two user-defined "groups", like New/Renewal or Day Partner/Monthly Giver/One-Time.

Telephone operators take down the details of the donations and pledges (name, address, credit card number, phone, etc, etc), either on paper or with one of our other FundRaiser programs.

If using paper, then the operators next enter the donation details into FundRaiser Phonathon. If using another FundRaiser program, then the details are automatically entered into the Phonathon program for them.

As the donations are entered, the program displays the phonathon totals and sub-totals in large bold numbers on the screen so that the on-air person can glance at the totals to announce how they are doing. S/he can also easily read details of the most recent donations, including any comments.

As with other FundRaiser programs, FundRaiser Phonathon has been designed to be very easy to use so that your volunteers can be trained in 10 minutes to use the program.

The Setup section provides a way for you to totally redefine the two sub-total Groups, create your own list of Payment Modes (how the phonathon pledger will pay), and decide which data entry fields will be required, and which are optional. There is also a multi-user option that enables up to 5 workstations to synchronize their phonathon entries, so that all workstations automatically display current totals and all entries.

There is a simple report that prints the details and all the totals and sub-totals. The report can be run for any time period, and can be printed, or exported to MS-Excel, pdf, rtf, or a number of other formats.

A standard Windows Help file comes with the program to explain operation and multi-user setup.

Solutions for Community-Supported Radio and TV

FundRaiser Software has been serving community-supported radio and TV stations since the 1980's with easy to use donor management software and friendly support.

Besides the normal fundraising functionality that we put in all three of our main FundRaiser donor management programs, you will be especially interested in the following special modules and programs:

  • Premiums Module This module is ideal for those who give premiums in return for donations. It prints shipping labels, handles out-of-stock items, and includes several helpful reports. Does your staff dread the phone calls that inevitably come in after a phonathon? You know, the pledgers wondering when they will get their coffee mug or CD? Now, with FundRaiser's Premiums module, you can quickly look up the caller, either on-screen or on a report, to see when their premium was shipped. No more stalling or guessing.

    This module has a simple inventory program that keeps track of how many of each premium you have in-stock and how many have been promised to pledgers, so you can order more in time to fill all the requests. It will not print a shipping label if items are out-of-stock. It also won't print a label until you indicate that payment has been received. It can even handle the cases where the donor picks up their premium in person.

  • Memberships Module This is an absolute must for all community-supported radio and TV stations who want to turn sporadic donors into consistent donors. It enables you to treat your donors as true members or subscribers, each with their own individual expiration/renewal date. It gives you the tools to build a great membership program based on benefits and clear cut-off dates, but with the flexibility to handle unusual situations.

    Printing membership renewal letters is a snap. You do so each month by telling FundRaiser to print for everyone with an expiration date a month or so (your choice) in the future. Or you can wait until after your phonathon to mail only to those who failed to renew during the campaign. You can even mail to all your subscribers, telling them of the upcoming phonathon and offering to cancel it if everyone gives early.

    Of course, printing newsletter labels is also simple. Just print for all active (non-expired) members.

    Wonder how effective your membership campaign has been the last 12 months? Run an analytical report which breaks down New, Renew, Rejoin, and Lapsed members into a wide variety of coded segments.

    Default membership renewal dates can be set to fit anyone's pattern, and even then you can overwrite the default date for a special case. You can require a specific membership dues amount or accept any amount over some minimum ($5, $30, or more).

  • Free FundRaiser Phonathon Program This free program is used to display the current phonathon totals in big bold numbers on the screen to make it easy for the announcer to read from.

    Totals are shown for the entire period, today, yesterday, this hour and last hour. Additional sub-totals can be shown for two user-defined "groups", like New/Renewal or Day Partner/Monthly Giver/One-Time.

    This free program can be run on its own, or in conjunction with one of our FundRaiser programs.

Modules are available as options in FundRaiser Select, and are included as standard in FundRaiser Professional.

Remember, we offer a variety of programs and payment options to fit every budget!

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"I'm now working at another agency, where we're limping along with one of your competitors' products. It's very powerful, but it's so complicated that we have a hard time using it. In fact, we got a mailing from them just the other day in which they said, "Now there are FOUR ways you can enter data" - we all said "oh, no, we haven't figured out the first way yet." Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I recommend you to all my friends, and wish that we could be using FundRaiser here instead." -- Sandy, Baltimore, MD (a previous user of FundRaiser Professional)

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FundRaiser Select is designed to be friendly, functional and flexible; however, should you outgrow it, we make it easy to move up to FundRaiser Professional without the hassle of converting your data. All of your current data will import seamlessly into the new software, and the interface is familiar and intuitive, so you’ll be ready to take advantage of the greater functionality of FundRaiser Professional immediately.

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