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Pledge Management

Pledges are one of the most effective ways to increase donations and donor loyalty. The challenge is keeping track of who owes what and when, and following up accordingly. The details can quickly become unmanageable without the proper tools.

What you can do with the Pledge Module…

  • Quickly lay out any payment schedule
  • Keep track of which payments are due or overdue
  • Keep pledges coming in with timely thank you, reminder, and overdue letters
  • Get an overview of a campaign
  • Easily accommodate pledge changes, due to late, skipped, or other variations to the original promise

A pledge is a promise to pay a certain amount of money over time. What would be too much money to give in one lump sum becomes manageable when broken down into payments. In addition, regular giving, even in small amounts, increases the bond between a donor and the organization. Donors who pledge their gifts tend to contribute two to three times as much as donors who make one cash payment, and stay loyal to an organization for longer.

With the Pledge Module you can…

  • Map out payments for any schedule
  • Record all details of a pledge, including total pledge, size of payments, schedule of payments, and length of pledge commitment
  • Designate codes to show which fund the pledge goes to, what motivated the pledge, and who solicited the pledge
  • Assign appropriate correspondence, such as thank you, reminder and overdue letters
  • Generate reports on pledges paid, projected income, and more

Program Design, Ease of use, flexibility

Because ease-of-use and a short learning curve are so important to our users, pledge management is integrated throughout FundRaiser. If you are already familiar with the FundRaiser interface, pledge management will be a snap to learn. If you're new to FundRaiser we'll get you up to speed fast with our highly acclaimed training.


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FundRaiser Select: Choose the Program You Need

With its powerful core features and unique ability to be customized, FundRaiser Select can be configured to be exactly the program you need. You choose the features and functionality you need for the way you want to work, instead of changing how you work to accommodate your software. As a result, you get an efficient, effective donor management program that does exactly what you need without paying for frills you don’t want.

Fully Supported

With FundRaiser Select comes the benefit of unrivaled support and customer service. We want to make sure that you start out on the right foot, so we include a complimentary 90 day support and training period with the purchase of FundRaiser Select. If you have a question, give us a call – our friendly technical support staff is available every business day to help you.

Fully Expandable

FundRaiser Select is designed to be friendly, functional and flexible; however, should you outgrow it, we make it easy to move up to FundRaiser Professional without the hassle of converting your data. All of your current data will import seamlessly into the new software, and the interface is familiar and intuitive, so you’ll be ready to take advantage of the greater functionality of FundRaiser Professional immediately.

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